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mesh coil 网状发热丝

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Material :A1
Color:As pic 如图
Size:长16mm* 宽6.8mm

It’s designed to increase the surface area that provides better contact with your cotton for maximum vapor and flavor production, and can provide a pleasurable taste experience for smokers, perfect for flavor chasers.

Shorter ramp-up time – the time is taken by the coil to heat up – than ordinary coils
Dense vapor and intense flavor
Even distribution of heat, a more convenient vaping experience
Longer lasting than ordinary coils – even distribution of heat prevents the concentration of heat at one point which can lead to burning out of the coil.
Better taste for your e-juice. The majority of vapers report flavorful vaping experience with these sorts of coils.
Consumes less power
Compatible with most tanks; can be used with an old tank without the requirement of acquiring an entirely new one.